Session V-REPO

VFX 6.0 Auto-Reporter: Dynamische Reportgestaltung

Arturo Devigus
Devigus Engineering

Dynamische Reportgestaltung zur Laufzeit ohne Vorarbeit dank dem VFX 6.0 Auto Reporter

Visual Extend 6.0

Visual Extend 6.0 (VFX 6.0) is an Application Development Framework for Software Developers working with Microsoft Visual FoxPro Version 6.0. Visual Extend includes Builders which assist the Software Developer in its daily work and dramatically speed up the software development process without sacrifying any of the Visual FoxPro features. With Visual Extend, Visual FoxPro becomes a real Rapid Application Development Tool for both Desktop and Client Server Database Application Development.

New Auto Reports based on the data in the data grid

Ever had the wish your users should be able to create reports to printout the information as displayed in the grid of a CDataFormPage based data manipulation class? With VFX 6.0 this becomes true. And its really easy too.

You find a new class named CRepGen in the class library file VFXREP.VCX which offers automatic reports on demand.

Start the VFXTEST application and open the parent form. When you select the preview button in the form toolbar, you will receive the following:

On page one, named options, you can define two lines for a title of the report, in the Print options you can define Preview or Print (preselected depending on how this form has been called), the format (portrait or landscape), whether you want to have page numbers, whether the page number should be suppressed on the first page and whether you want to have a date and time printed on the report header.

On page 2, named Advanced, you can select which fields you want to include in your report. By default all fields are selected. Note that the order of the fields corresponds exactly to the grid layout!

This cool feature is automatically available in all of your forms if you don't have code in your onprint method and if VFX cannot find a report with the name of the active form!

To make it easy for the developer to use this form class, we already created a form named VFXREPGN.SCX/SCT based on the class CRepGen. This form can be modified directly using the form designer to make application specific modifications.

NOTE: The reports are created based on template files specified in the properties cRepNamePortrait and cRepNameLandscape. The defaults for these properties are: report\rtmpport resp. report\rtmpland. The report files rtmpport.frx/frt resp. rtmpland.frx/frt must exist in the actual report directory of the application.
Samples: VFXTEST Application, all Forms.

New CGenFRX class to generate Reports on the fly

This class, also found in the class library file VFXREP.VCX, is used to create a new FRX report file on the fly at runtime. This class is internally used by other VFX report classes but it can as well be used to create FRX reports on an as needed basis at runtime.