Session V-ACTI

Active Desktop Benutzeroberfläche für VFX

Arturo Devigus
Devigus Engineering

Active Desktop Singleclick-Benutzeroberfläche

Visual Extend 6.0

Visual Extend 6.0 (VFX 6.0) is an Application Development Framework for Software Developers working with Microsoft Visual FoxPro Version 6.0. Visual Extend includes Builders which assist the Software Developer in its daily work and dramatically speed up the software development process without sacrifying any of the Visual FoxPro features. With Visual Extend, Visual FoxPro becomes a real Rapid Application Development Tool for both Desktop and Client Server Database Application Development.

New Active Desktop class

We developed a new single Click user Interface component which allows your users to start whatever part of your application with one single mouse click. To accomplish this, we created a class named CNavCont which you find in the VFX class library file VFXTOOLS.VCX. This class is a very cool class which allows you the creation of "Active Desktop like" single click user interfaces:

The idea behind this single click user interface is simple: The user must be enabled to call whatever function he wants by just moving the mouse over the desktop and singleclicking when he wants to activate the selected item.

To incorporate this feature in your own application, just create a new VFX 6.0 based Application with the Application Wizard and enjoy.

If you want to upgrade your existing application to this new look and feel, you can create a class which is based on the class CNavCont in your APPL class library (or any other class library file). Then, just add the objects you want to offer on your desktop by putting them on the appropriate pages. Your own active desktop class could look like this:

Note that the Tabs property of the pageframe will be set to .F. automatically during runtime. To add your active desktop to the desktop of your application, you can add the following code in the drawbackground method

PROCEDURE drawbackground

The above DrawBackground() method is used to set the background and to set all the related graphical components which are used to define the desktop how you like it.

NOTE that the activedesktop class which is based on the CNavBar class, even repositions itself!

Sample: See the class activedesktop in the class library file APPL.VCX as well as the associated code in VFXMAIN.PRG as described above.