About Us

The FoxPro User Group of German language Inc., dFPUG, looks after about 800 member companies in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. It has been organizing the very succesful German VFP DevCon since 1994. You can have a look at the ample conference proceedings and the periodical, 'FoxxProfessional' (200 printed pages A4 quarterly) in our document portal. Additionally we do offer an eNewsletter, a Wiki, press releases, reginonal events, hotline and such - but all these offers are available in German only, sorry.

Since March 2008 the dFPUG has taken over FoxTalk and publishes it now under the new name FoxRockX. Have a look at the FoxPro-only magazine in English at our dedicated English homepage!



In November the next VFP Conference of the dFPUG with anniversary bargain offers will take place in Frankfurt. Have a look at our online conference program.

In November the next SQL Server and .NET Conference of the German FoxPro User Group dFPUG will take place in Frankfurt. Have a look at our online conference program.

Visit the dFPUG Online Store for international customers for the framework Visual Extend for Microsoft Visual FoxPro as well as for some additional products of dFPUG for Visual FoxPro itself and international payment options for attendees of German DevCons. BTW: Here you can donate a small amount for using our localized user interfaces for Visual FoxPro 8.0 and 9.0 for German, French and Czech if you like!

Visual Extend is the framework for Visual FoxPro which has made the largest leaps forward in the last years due to massive investments in new features and tools. The concept of rapid application development has been extended to Client/Server-applications with complete support for CursorAdaptor. Our framework includes sourcecode of all programs and classlibraries as well as of various sample applications. The newest build and a free trial is always available for download in the internet. An English newsgroup is offered.

The FoxPro User Group of German language is distributor for Hentzenwerke books  in Europe. Have a look at our shop for various offers.