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Effective Techniques for Application Development with "Tahoe"

Titel: Effective Techniques for Application Development with Visual FoxPro 6.0
Autor: Jim Booth, Steve Sawyer, edited by Steven P. Dingle
Verlag: Hentzenwerke
ISBN: 0-9655093-7-0
Umfang: ca. Seiten
Preis: US$ 49.95
Version: Visual FoxPro 6.0
Datum: ca. 5/98
Klasse: Fortgeschrittene
Beschreibung: You've been through a couple of intro books, perhaps worked with the samples some. Maybe even struggled through a small application. Now it's time for a pair of industry veterans to guide you through industrial strength application development. "Tahoe" provides more different ways of doing things than any 5 other development products put together. Deciding which features and techniques are appropriate for a particular situation isnít always obvious. Let Jim and Steve share with you the insights acquired through a combined 7 years of experience with Visual FoxPro.