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101 + FoxPro and dBASE IV UDFs

ABC's of FoxPro 2.0

Das große FoxPro 2.0 Buch

Developing FoxPro Applications

FoxPro 2 Business and MIS Applications

FoxPro 2 Developer's Library

FoxPro 2.0 Applications Programming

FoxPro 2.0 Developer's Handbook

FoxPro 2.0 Power Tools

FoxPro 2.0 Schnelleinstieg

FoxPro 2.0: Self Teaching Guide

FoxPro 2.5 At A Glance

FoxPro 2.5 MS-DOS Step By Step

FoxPro CodeBook

FoxPro For Dos 2.5 Made Easy

FoxPro For Dos 2.5 The Complete Referenc

FoxPro Programmer's Reference

FoxPro Programming

FoxPro The Complete Reference

FoxPro The Master Reference

FoxPro: A Developer's Guide

Illustrated FoxPro

Illustrated FoxPro 2.0

Inside FoxPro 2.5 For DIS

Learn FoxPro 2.0 In A Day

PC Magazine Programming FoxPro 2.0

Professional Database Development Using

Running Microsoft FoxPro for MS-Dos

Understanding FoxPro 2.0

Using FoxPro 2.5