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Objektorientierte Buchtitel, Ken Levy

OOP Book Review List
Ken Levy [FLASH] 76350,2610

The following is a list of books that I own which related to object-oriented analysis, design, and programming. Understand that I have not read every one of them completely, but have browsed and/or referenced them in detail. Most OOP books are somewhat designed to be referenced rather than being read like a novel. Unless otherwise stated, they do not relate to any particular OO language. This list is not a sales pitch and does not contain any type of biased comments. Instead, it's simply a global response to many questions I've received asking for advise on reading material that can be obtained in preparation for object-orientation coming in FoxPro 3.0. This document can be freely distributed or re-printed as long as it is not altered in any way.

It is important to realize that learning about object technology is independent of learning any languages or development tools. You should not plan on learning object technology from the syntax of a programming language that supports OOP. The key is to learn object-oriented concepts and design independently of any OOP language implementation. After obtaining a complete understanding of object-oriented analysis and design concepts and definitions, then select an OOP language to implement object-oriented applications. For getting an introduction to object-orientation, the minimum recommendation is reading the first two books listed. When ready to implement object-oriented applications, it is recommend that the third book listed is obtained for methodology and implementation issues. The others can be selected based on requirements, interests, etc.

Object-Oriented Technology: A Managers Guide
by David A. Taylor, Ph.D.
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
ISBN 0-201-56358-4

Object-Oriented Systems Design: An Integrated Approach
by Edward Yourdon
Publisher: Yourdon Press Computing Systems
ISBN 0-13-636325-3

Object-Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications, Second Edition
by Grady Booch
Publisher: Benjamin/Cummings Publishing
ISBN 0-8053-5340-2

Object-Oriented Software Engineering: A Use Case Driven Approach
by Ivar Jacobson
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
ISBN 0-201-54435-0

Practical Applications of Object-Oriented Techniques to Relational
by Donald K. Burleson
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN 0-471-61225-1

Object-Orientation: Concepts, Languages, Databases, User Interfaces
by Setrag Khoshafian and Razmik Abnous
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN 0-471-51801-8

Object-Oriented Information Systems: Planning and Implementation
by David A. Taylor, Ph.D.
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN 0-471-54364-0

Object Technology in Application Development
by Daniel Tkach and Richard Puttick
Publisher: Benjamin/Cummings Publishing
ISBN 0-8053-2572-7

Object Data Management: Object-Oriented and Extended Relational Database
by R.G.G. Cattell
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
ISBN 0-201-53092-9

Code Complete
by Steve McConnell
Publisher: Microsoft Press
ISBN 1-55615-484-4

Object Magazine
Publisher: Sigs Publications