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What's the Big Idea behind The Essentials for Visual FoxPro?

What's the Big Idea behind The Essentials for Visual FoxPro?

In the pre-VFP 3.0 days, a number of books were being written that were known to fit into different niches - the Ziff-Davis book was an "Intro to VFP" book, Hackerís Guide was the actual reference guide, and Codebook was the "Framework" book. Others came along and filled additional niches. However, because the books were being produced by different publishers, any relationship between the books was more of a "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" understanding as opposed to anything formally discussed.

The mission, organization and contents of each of these books, however, has been coordinated from the start so as to promote synergy and avoid unnecessary duplication. Each book stands on its own merits, just as if it was produced for a commercial publisher like (in many cases) the predecessor. However, since all of the books in The Essentials are being produced by a single entity, the set is significantly more synergistic than if you just walked into a bookstore and walked out with fifty pounds of books under your arm.

Readers will benefit from any single book, but will benefit more by purchasing multiple books (come on, we have to say that), due to the coordination. However, this set of books isn't a "series" - in that you would be "cheated" if you didnít get all of the books. Rather, we simply have planned in advance that the books would complement each other.

Hinweis: Sämtliche Bücher der Essentials-Serie werden nach Erscheinen über den dFPUG-Bücherservice lieferbar sein. Die Erscheinungstermine sind allerdings bisher nur ungefähre Angaben.