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The 1998/1999 Developerís Guide

Titel: The 1998/1999 Developerís Guide
Autor: Whil Hentzen, edited by Jeff Donnici
Verlag: Hentzenwerke
ISBN: 0-9655093-2-X
Umfang: ca. 400 Seiten
Preis: US$ 49.95
Version: Visual FoxPro 6.0
Datum: 5/98
Klasse: Projektleiter
Beschreibung: Programming is 90% of the job. But what about the other 90%? Here it is Ė selling, customer and user relations, functional specifications, sizing and costing, quality assurance, delivery and support, and programmer management (also known as "trying to herd cats."). Dozens of real-life war stories relating experiences in the trenches and how to deal with them.