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The Fundamentals

Titel: The Fundamentals
Autor: Whil Hentzen, edited by Doug Hennig
Verlag: Hentzenwerke
ISBN: 0-9655093-5-4
Umfang: ca. 450 Seiten
Preis: US$ 49.95
Version: Visual FoxPro 6.0
Datum: ca. 5/98
Klasse: Einführung
Beschreibung: Learn the basics of all the technologies you need to build distributed Visual Studio applications on a Visual FoxPro foundation. The sequel to Whil’s "Programming VFP 3.0," this volume builds on your existing knowledge of VFP and covers all the new commands, functions, features, and tools. Confused about the alphabet soup of ASP, COM, MTS, ADO, - and how they all fit with VFP applications? See how these technologies work in concert with VFP in multi-tier enterprise-wide component-based applications. Required reading for everyone opening up the box.