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Visual FoxPro programmer relocating from Maryland to Berlin

Visual FoxPro programmer relocating from Maryland to Berlin Germany
Available for employment in Berlin on November 16 1998

Design multi-users database management systems for the Windows 95/NT environment. These systems are intuitive, reliable, minimize network traffic and work well even with many simultaneous users and quite large data sets. They come with a powerful report generator, full data access security management, and excellent data recovery features. They can be upscaled to a SQL-server solution if need be and they inherentlty benefit from all the advantages of Object Oriented technology.

Use the following tools:
- Visual FoxPro 5.0/6.0
- Stonefield Database Toolkit
- FoxFire report generator
- CodeBook framework for Visual FoxPro (Mere Mortal framework developped by Kevin McNeish, based upon the CodeBook framework from Flash creative management).
- Also experienced in FoxPro 2.6 for Windows

Stand: 12.11.1998

Thierry Labarre
eMail: thierry_labarre[at]